Important Facts About Internships/CoOps

This past week, I attended a professional development event focused on internships and CoOps. If you are at all interested in pursuing one of these, which you should be, then I’m here to provide you with the fast facts I learned throughout the meeting. Internships and CoOps are a vital part of the college experience, and almost everyone at Villanova participates in at least one before they graduate. The lady presenting this information, Jackie Vega, works in the Clay Center at the Villanova School of Business. The Clay center offers assistance in obtaining internships, CoOps, preparing for interviews, building resumes, and anything else work-related that you could possibly need. I will link you to the Clay Center so you can easily check it out:

Internships and CoOps offer you the opportunity to get hands on work-experience and explore different options before committing to one job. You can test out what you like before you settle into a major or concentration, which is vital to your happiness in life. You will be mentored throughout your whole experience, so you are always learning new things. You can learn what you like and don’t like in the working world, and it is an amazing opportunity to network and build relationships that could help you later on. Another reason to participate in one of these programs is to enhance your resume and make yourself stand out. 74% of employers prefer to hire candidates with work experience.

So, what can you do to get started? Well, each grade has specific programs centered around them in order to pair people well with certain skill levels. These programs include:

  • Freshmen and sophomores: externships – weekend of week long site visit and immersion in the discipline
  • Sophomores and juniors: CoOps

During internships sophomore and junior year, you can be paid and earn credit at the same time. In order to earn credit, you must have a minimum of 150 work hours over 8-12 weeks. There are dozens of internships sites available, including Ford, Michael Kors, Wawa, PWC, and other major companies. The CoOp program is centered around three major companies: Johnson and Johnson, Morgan Stanley, and the DA’s office of forensic accounting. This program for juniors usually occurs during the second semester and is a six-month full time paid position that still allows you to graduate in four years. For juniors, there is a spring accounting internship program. This is a three month full time internship where you can:

  • earn six credits
  • maintain full time status
  • get paid

These internships are offered during “busy season” to ensure you get the most relevant and hands-on experience.

To go about finding an internship, simply log onto GoNova jobs, where you can narrow down your search by many categories:



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